Helping You Plant Your Money Tree

AJM's mission is to empower individuals with sound financial advice so that they can become skilled at living comfortably within their means.

"Often, many are not taught how to handle or deal with money in a positive way. I teach people that they have the control to manage their credit, debt, and finances for today, tomorrow, and the future."


"I took your Credit Workshop, applied it and now my house is underwriting."


"This was painless; I thought this session was going to be painful."

"Thank you so much for allowing Ms. Alexander to come out to Arlington today to be a guest speaker in your class. We appreciated that your students showed interest in the presentation and it seemed some got take-aways on how to wisely manage their money, a benefit they can use for the rest of their lives. "                       Marilyn

"Michelle Alexander was our guest speaker for the March 15th Financial Empowerment Class held virtually for Promise Place.  Ms. Alexander spoke about credit building, debt reduction, and targeted spending. The participants were active, asking questions, and taking notes on what was being discussed, and Ms. Alexander was patient and understanding with the types of questions that she was given.
Ms. Alexander is warm, engaging, and she was empathetic to the population of participants that were present. I am happy to have been able to listen to her speak, and I look forward to learning more from her in the future."