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A Year in Action - Your Financial Attitude in Review

Year in Review

In order to become financially free, you must first believe that you can and also think of ways that you can make this happen. Making changes in our lives and leaving old habits behind is often not easy; but if they only serve an emotional moment, then leave behind you must. Do not be afraid to stand on the principle that you deserve to be happy through all stages of your life, even when you are still on the journey of understanding your emotional spending habits and personal finance in general.


Remember, to learn all that you can about the topics of personal finance that are most important to you and that align with your short and long-term goals. If your goal is to save for emergencies, do not let other people's thoughts or opinions deter you. Also, read and apply the concepts you learn to help you strengthen your financial muscles and allow you to consider the possibilities of your dreams. Know when it is time to ask for help, whether it is with managing a budget or correcting credit issues or learning more about managing your day-to-day actions. But more importantly, you must execute whatever plans that you agreed to work on and allow yourself some grace and patience to develop the process.


Try something that you have not tried before because you felt that it would not work or even try that something you have done previously. When you try again, you stimulate more thoughts that could lead you to the breakthrough that gets you to rehabilitate your daily financial actions. I find that when I am truly seeking answers or solutions to a financial challenge, opportunities do show up. I just need to be willing to grow to the level of that understanding and not shy away because the journey seems too hard.


So, in this Year of Action, I wanted to leave you with some positive encouragement that inspires you to maximize your personal resources and decide that it is time for you to live better financially. It has been my pleasure to “Help You Plant Your Money Tree” for 2021. Now, step into 2022 ready and be prepared to create the next steps on your financial journey.

Happy New Year and Happy Saving!

Written By: Michelle Alexander

AJM Financial, LLC.

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