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Following the Right Financial Path

Make Sure Your Path Leads to Positive Results

There are so many influences out here today regarding personal finance that it can be overwhelming in choosing exactly which path to follow. This is why it is key to gather information from several sources and resources and then streamline that information to create the right path for you. You want to streamline your bills and debt so that you can have more money to save, invest, and spend on your wants.


Many people do just the opposite by spending on their wants, then possibly saving and investing which more than likely is not happening. You can streamline your bills by checking for duplication of services and fees that you do not realize you are paying for the same or similar services. Sometimes a minor inconvenience is not so minor when you add up the fees you pay for the convenience. You can also streamline your debt by making sure you are actually paying on the debt and not just the interest. The first part of any debt repayment goes to interest. So; if you only make minimum payments, your debt will linger on for centuries, okay decades. When you create positive actionable tools and habits in your everyday finances, you will find that it becomes easier to follow your financial path and not some “jump on the bandwagon path” just because it sounds good.


Make sure the things that influence you are leading you to your desired financial goal. Streamline some of the processes in your arsenal so you do not become emotionally overwhelmed and stagnate on your plans. Create habits and goals that speak to what you really want to accomplish long-term and not just for today. Follow that path until it is time to change because the change will come and you will want to be prepared enough to continue following your right financial path.

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Written By:

Michelle Alexander

AJM Financial, LLC

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