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How Will You Move Forward

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Keep Moving


Being on lock-down does not mean we should shutdown, as it seems that this deadly virus has taken over our normal way of life and has probably changed it forever. We still need to prepare for our new future. Whatever those changes are, you will still need to eat and pay for dwelling. I believe many of us were going through the stages of grief where at first we were in disbelief and denial; "oh, everything will be alright; then shock and anger; "what! I can't get no toilet tissue"; then bargaining and depression, if I get through this I will......, let's reach out to one another because this is sad; then, acceptance. In this phase, the new norm has somewhat set in so it's a bit quieter as people start to rebuild and move on from here.


Though things are far from over or even seem to be at any semblance of normal, we still have to move forward. I do understand that there are those that may have already been in dire situations and this crisis has pushed them past the limit. However; there is something about reaching the bottom, is that there is no place else to go but up. True, having had your finances in order before the crisis hit is a much better feel than struggling while struggling. This is why you should take the opportunity to see where you can change things for the future. This is a good time to prepare, as this will not be the last crisis that will disrupt your life. If you prepare now, you will be better equipped, at least financially, which can help with the emotional and mental strain of any serious change.


Taking the steps to get your financial house in order at any point is better than not starting all. You can do it and my blogs are good place to start for support on your journey. Also, for more information on personal finance, sign up or subscribe on my website to receive my monthly financial newsletters.

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Happy Saving!

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