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Navigating Through Daily Financial Decisions

Continuing what we start is not always easy especially when we have to discern what is truly working and what is not. Imagine stopping in the middle of the street or highway because we thought we forgot something. First of all, you could cause multiple accidents and be ticketed and possibly arrested. You should have continued driving until it was safe to pull over. The same applies when we are dealing with our finances. Before we abruptly stop doing something that is actually positive, like saving, we should continue slowly until we can stop and discern exactly what is the issue with our money. Is this a temporary reason why I halted savings or is it something more long-term?


Because what you want here, is to be the author of your own story, not your lenders or creditors. Being able to decide what you do with your dollars is what is important and not having someone else dictate what you have to pay and when. However; in order to do this, you need to be able to conserve and expand at the right times. You should be conserving your dollars when you are earning high so you can expand your budget when prices rise. As many have done in the past, spending more as they earned more, this is not a financially healthy move and should be discontinued. If your salary does not increase over time, where will the extra monies come from when you need to expand for whatever reason? This road will quickly lead to someone else authoring your financial story.


So; before you change course in mid-stream, take a moment to diagnose the situation and discern what really is taking place. Your future finances are counting on you to continue to do the smart things, discern if all wants are needed just because you have the extra money, conserve during high earning times, expand the budget when necessary, and diagnose your situation often.

Happy Saving

Written By: Michelle Alexander

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