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Preparing Your Financial Documents for Year-End Review

We talk about this every year, but how often do we learn something new and then immediately take action? It seems to take us a while before the information truly sinks in and then another while before we actually implement. The last quarter of the year, specifically, September/October is a good time to start your annual financial review. Three-quarters of the year has already passed and you will have a good amount of information at this time to make sound financial estimates for the upcoming year as well as fixing any errors that can be corrected.


Start simple and gather all of your financial documents; including your budget, which is also a financial document, and organize how you see fit. Chronologically is a good place to start. You can compile all of the documents in monthly order starting with oldest months first (Jan, Feb, Mar, etc.). Since you have checked for errors and other inconsistencies throughout the year, now is the time to review to see where you stand financially. Did you meet your desired goals? If so, is there more you can do? If not, what can you do to correct? Answering these questions will help you align your goals with your actions to finish out the current year and prepare for the next.


These simple steps can get you prepared and help you safely plan for the holidays and the upcoming year without becoming bogged down in the details and the effort it will take to get the job done. You will be three-quarters of the way to completion and things will seem more manageable. If you need further assistance on how to dig deeper, read my other blog article to gain more clarity. Do not let the task of this all-important part of your financial strategy deter you from achieving your dreams and protecting your financial future.

Written By:

Michelle Alexander

AJM Financial, LLC.

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