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Staying Steady While Building Your Finances

Image by Samantha Gades
Image by Samantha Gades

Waiting for your money to grow can be taxing because many of us like to see the big savings instantly. We want to become financially sound overnight and is the main reason why lotteries are so popular. Who wouldn’t want to bet a dollar or two and become millionaire rich in an instant? The unfortunate part is that, if that’s your only strategy because you cannot wait while you consistently make the right financial decisions daily, you may never realize your financial dreams.


To see changes in your money habits, you have to verify your daily choices to ensure you stay on track of your financial goals. Many people believe that it is the lack of extra funds that derails their plans, but it really is the small choices you make every day that bring you down. Humans like to have habits and rituals so we can feel that we have so-called normalcy, even if that normalcy is to our detriment. We should program our thoughts and habits correctly to make the right choices when it comes to our spending. What do you tell yourself to justify your spending habits? Whatever those habitual thoughts are, they should be re-programmed if they lead you to creating bad financial decisions.


Your overall goal should be to reduce the negative spending habits that negate your positive efforts of building financial security; not just for your family and future, but also for your right now. We often hear about how we need to plan for the years to come, but what about today. Your today could be an illness, loss of income (your own or a spouse), a pandemic; the list goes on. So, I challenge you to develop the skill of waiting while you grow your money; ensure you are verifying purchases so that they are aligned with your today and tomorrow goals; program your thinking to include that you will not spend more than you earn; and finally, reduce the negative habits that deplete your bigger picture.

Happy Saving!

Written By: Michelle Alexander

AJM Financial, LLC.

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