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Stimulate, Rehabilitate, Seek, & Grow Your Personal Finance Mindset

Taking Action on Your Finances

Personal finance is not just about money or having money. You have to actively be a part of all of the process in dealing with your personal financial issues and mindset to make your money work for you. Many of us have been infiltrated with the thought that if we make more money we will do better with money. I personally do not believe this is true. You may be able to buy more, but it will not solve the way you handle your personal finances. It would be better to stimulate, rehabilitate, seek, and grow your mindset as well as your old habits and ways of handling money.


Sometimes you will need to stimulate the brain to think of new ways to stretch your dollars, especially when receiving unexpected funds. This is an area where many resort to old ways and habits because our emotions take over when these extra funds are introduced into the mix. You can stimulate your own economy by taking the next unexpected dollars you receive and treat it like a paycheck. Make sure you allocate some of the money to all areas of your budget or as much as the amount will stretch. Do not spend it on things that do not support your long-term financial goals or in the wrong places and then have regrets a few days, weeks, or months later.

Rehabilitate your by mindset by reading articles or books on personal finance or on how other people managed through a tough financial period. Their experience may be the stimulus you need to get you to think, do, and act differently with your own funds. You may be able to learn new and creative ways to save, especially if your income happens to drop from sixty-to-zero. Also, you can seek this knowledge by watching videos, attending workshops or classes that focus on the topic in which you need help. You may also seek out assistance from a professional as they can help you objectively as they are not emotionally tied to your finances.


Taking all of these actions will definitely assist you in growing to the next financial level. Learning ways to consistently save as much as you can, can be a game changer when you find yourself in a state of unemployment for whatever reason. There is no change without growth and you want to be able to grow your finances for things that happen in life so you are not thrown into financial ruin or despair. You need to stimulate your mindset by taking the time to rehabilitate old habits while you are seeking assistance to grow your finances.

Happy Saving!

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