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Take Financial Stock Now to Move Forward into the New Year

Review, Restructure, Plan

As we start to plan for the new year, think about how you can restructure your personal finance objectives to achieve a powerful 2022. In order to make the best decisions moving forward, you should review your past actions and make edits. There is always room for improvement and sometimes we actually choose a wrong path along the way. That is okay because now is the time to restructure, review, edit, and audit those previous plans.


Maybe you realized you should have increased the percentage of your 401k contribution. It could be that you really could have saved 10% instead of 7% of your salary. Whatever the review and audit of your finances has revealed to you, use this opportunity to plan better for the upcoming year. Ask yourself can you allocate more, can you learn more on unfamiliar financial topics, or do you need to you seek advice? You can also restructure your budget to meet your current needs instead of using the one you set five years ago. Review your current paperwork to see if you have your tax papers in order. These are all ways you can audit your personal finances.


Taking the time to perform this audit is what can make the difference between you not falling short on your financial goals and plans and you achieving them. If the IRS was to audit your taxes, they would be going through every crevice of your finances. You should be doing the same. It is your financial life. Start the new year off on the right financial foot. Review, edit, restructure, audit, and plan for your financial future.

Happy Saving!

Written By: Michelle Alexander

AJM Financial, LLC.

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