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What Can You Do Different?

Execute - Allow - Develop - Try

In order to get results, you have to put things into action (Execute). This does not mean there will not be hiccups along the way. When managing your personal finances, another thing that comes into play is your emotions. Money and emotions are so closely tied together that it can be and often is inseparable. You know this is true; because when it is time to give up something for your greater financial good, all of the excuses start flowing along with some attitude-"why do I have to do that?" or "I can't give up XYZ." This reaction happens with most people no matter what the thing is or the excuse they have for not letting go. Execution is the only way you will get things done if you want to live debt-free, manage your paycheck for optimum results, and increase your wealth.


Through all of the actions you take, you also need to permit yourself time to learn and grow (Allow). Allowing yourself the grace and room to achieve these financial goals is a must. I did not wake up one day and was financially anything. I had to learn and grow my way through the process. I was willing to execute my plan to later see the fruits of my actions. I allowed myself the grace and room and it was well worth the time and effort. You also must Develop your strategy and make bigger plans. After you arrive at the first stop, you do not get off of the planning train, you keep going. What's your next goal, what's your next level? If you saved $1,000, now shoot for $2,000. This process is similar to losing weight, you do not stop because you lost 5lbs or even if you lost all of the weight you set out to lose. You keep moving by making bigger plans; whether it is to eat healthier and/or incorporate exercise into your daily routine. So, do not stop at the $1,000; you should develop bigger plans to save more, pay-off more, and possibly earn more.


After all of the executing, allowing, and developing, you may want to Try something new. Allow yourself the opportunity to see something from another point of view. If you have never tried budgeting or tried and failed, then try something new or try another way, or just try again. An area in which I sometimes switch things up, is the way I prepare my to-do list or action items. There are times when some options work better than others. The main thing is I keep trying no matter how many times I do not get the entire list completed in one day. So instead of eating out, try one-week of only eating foods you prepared and see what happens to your wallet. Sometimes, it takes many actions to accomplish one goal. You have to be willing to execute, allow, develop, and try all the way to the financial finish line.

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Happy Saving!

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