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What is Your Financial Story?

Year of Action is all about changing your daily actions to support your overall goals. It doesn't matter what area of life it is in, whether it is your finances, health, or personal growth. Each week, I post on YouTube breaking down an action verb with simple steps and tips you can use to better your financial situation. On my website blog, I combine the weekly verbs each month to tie the theme together. For March, I focused on align, strengthen, read, consider, and ask. Here, are my thoughts on what you could be doing in each area to ensure that you are moving toward your financial goals and not away from them.



Are your thoughts and actions aligned with your goals? You say you cannot afford the things you need, but then spend money on the things you want. That is not alignment. You say you want to do better with your finances, but will not create a budget or spending plan to better serve your financial needs. Your thoughts and actions are not aligned. Actions = results; if you do not take action, how can you expect your finances to change and align with your desires. Think of at least one thing you can do today financially to align your thoughts with your actions.



Do you strengthen your financial vocabulary so that you understand simple terms and the policies and provisions of your accounts? When it comes to fun things, like new gadgets and trips, we strengthen our knowledge immediately. So, why not use that same energy to strengthen the thing that allows us to have and enjoy those fun things? Do you know the different financial retirement tools to sustain you later in life? Do you know the benefits of compound interest and various savings accounts that will support your financial goals? If not, then it’s time to strengthen this area so you will better know your financial story.



One of the main things that keeps us informed is reading and many people seem to be so adverse to this important function. It really is fundamental and you learn so much in the process. Ever consider why you didn’t know something after the negative affects of an action takes place? It is usually because we did not read the instructions and in particular, the fine print. The fine print can cost you fees, your assets, and maybe your first born. No; seriously, it is so important to read all of the information before you sign on the dotted line even if the action is not major, such as purchasing a home. Read the FINE PRINT!


Consider and Ask

If you still decide that doing all of this is too much work to live a better financial life, then have you considered the alternative? Constant struggle! What would things be like if you did one thing differently than the way you are doing them now. Could you have more savings instead of more money spent on things that give you short-term highs? Have you considered the possibility that what you are doing is not working and that you may need help to think another way? Sometimes, it is not about your expenses. It may be that you need a second job or a different job. No employer will pay you more just because you have kids and bills.

I know I have posed a lot of questions here, but my goal is to get you to align, to strengthen, to read, to consider, and to finally ask "are you doing what is necessary to live a better financial life?


Ask questions to yourself and to those who are helping you with your goals. Mostly; you should be asking yourself, "how will you achieve your goal and what will it take to get you there?" Year of Action is not for the weak-hearted as you will have to put forth some effort to make it to the finish line and this month you can start with aligning, strengthening, reading, considering, and asking.

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