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When Your Financial Thoughts Meet Your Financial Actions

Reconciling your thoughts with your actions is not always easy as I stated in my YouTube video. We say we want, but do not always do or act in the manner that would help or accelerate us to get that which we want. If you want to lose weight, but you eat a bag of chips every night; you are not reconciling your actions with your thoughts. If you want to start that emergency fund, but only save when there are funds leftover. You are not reconciling your actions with your words. If you want to put action behind the words to ensure positive results, you have to have something that inspires you to do what is necessary to achieve that goal. This is why I tell other people and myself to define exactly what it is you want so you can be clear about those wants at all times. When those wants are clearly defined, they help you to continually reconcile your actions with your thoughts.


Clearly Defined

I want to save $500 to have for a rainy day and to help me get in the habit of saving and to feel confident about saving more.


Each week I will commit to saving $10, in my most likely place to tuck away funds, or even better; I’ll set-up an automatic transfer with payroll for weekly or bi-weekly deduction so I do not renege (go back) on my own commitment.


The above is a clear definition of reconciling your thoughts and actions that inspirationally accelerates your goals. You cannot be the change you want to see without taking some action. So; in honor of National Savings Day which was celebrated on the 12th, decide what amount of funds you can safely save starting November 1st. In twelve months, you will thank yourself for reconciling your thoughts and actions and me for prompting you to do so.

Happy saving!

Written By:

Michelle Alexander

AJM Financial, LLC.

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