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Year of Action-What Are Your Plans?

Working on Goals

Year of Action-January 2021- Become, Believe, Think, & Leave

This year is my year of action so I am sharing action verbs all year to help myself and others become a better version of themselves especially in the area of their personal finances. Below are January’s four action verbs that you can use to start your journey. Below I have shared some thoughts.


Becoming a better steward of your money in 2021 will require action. You can start by writing down your intentions for the year. If you want to clean up your credit, then retrieve all 3 reports, not just one, to get a clear picture of where you stand. This is a good start for the New Year to know exactly where you are after the holiday spend and especially after the ravages of 2020.

Believing in yourself is the first and biggest step of all to conquer the procrastination of becoming whatever it is you desire to be. Believe that you can achieve that excellent credit score, believe that you can save for your retirement, believe that you can change your financial circumstances. Pay your bills on time, it is the highest percentage of your credit score. Start saving for retirement today whether it's through a 401k or IRA. These are a few steps to become a better steward of your finances.

Thinking that something can’t or won’t happen will be a sure-fire way not to achieve it. In this year-of-action for me, I am thinking that everything is possible. It is possible that I can grow my business, it is possible that I can change my habits, it is possible that I can reach more people to help them grow their money trees by teaching them how to plant sound financial seeds today. Think about what you want to do to become financially free and then take action. Think about where you want your savings and debt to be at the end of the year; think about how you will get there and your actions will show that you believed. You really do become what you think.

Leave-old habits behind, but first you have to recognize what they are. Have you discovered some of your bad habits during the year of change and if so, what do you plan to do about them? Do you plan to do nothing and just keep them, do you think you can change them, do you believe you there is a better way? Buying things we think we will use along with the things that we need is the backdoor way of spending money we shouldn't. It is easy to get sucked into impulse buying even if it's a necessity such as food. Leave that old habit of mindless shopping behind because you want to become better at believing that your thinking will bring you to good habits.


Habits of any kind are hard to break because they usually are comfortable or comforting. But remember, in order for you to become whatever it is you desire; you must believe that you can, think about how you can, and leave the other stuff behind.

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