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You Can’t Grow Your Money If You Keep Spending

The Look You Have Before the Bill Comes

One thing I know for sure is that when there is nothing coming in, but something always going out, there will eventually be an empty well. If we constantly take water from a well and it never rains, there will be a drought. The same applies to your money and personal finances. If you are bringing home the same paycheck and always spending more than you bring home, your financial house will never come to order. If this is your situation, then read on to learn more of what you can do to help get your spending and financial house in order.


STOP! Just stop spending on anything other than the bare necessities and things you can easily live without for at least a week or two. The pandemic has shown many of us that this can be done as we endured through the constant lockdowns and now stock shortages. Whether it is a food item or a durable good, we have had to do without or find another way. I do not know how many times I went to my local supermarket and the freezer section was mostly bare. As my food shopping is done every two-weeks, this can be awfully frustrating. We all have our favorite brands; but when you cannot purchase that item due to unavailability, then what? You have to improvise or do without. Instead of having to be taught the lesson in a brutal awakening, just try it on your own in a few areas of your life. Once you learn that there are some things you can do without, because they really were just habits and not necessities anyway, you see and learn how much easier it will be to save instead of spend.


This is where the real work comes in now that you do have extra funds. You have to sit down and decide on paper what you truly want to achieve and pick the most important one to you from that list. Yes, all of them may feel important, but there will be one that stands out as important and urgent. Sometimes the force behind the decision will be based on your age at the time or your current financial position. What is important to you at 30, may and probably will change at 60. The important thing is to list your important goals and pick the one you need to work on today. Once you get into this habit and start implementing, then you will be able to follow up on the remaining items on your list. You can pay-off debt, save for retirement, or accomplish any other major financial milestone. The key is to be smart with your actions today, so you can get there tomorrow.

Happy Saving!

Written By:

Michelle Alexander

AJM Financial, LLC.

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